Mahalia – My Coffee…

We love coffee…we go out for coffee and we make real coffee at home. We have a great Italian machine that my brother in law sold to us when he was previously selling great coffee, machines and gadgets. New whizz bang alternatives have come and gone, but our old faithful machine keeps delivering good coffee. Family breakfast today was interrupted by the noise of my man cleaning out the machine’s grinder with cups of dry rice, so he could put in the fresh, new coffee beans.

Over the years we have not been  loyal to a particular brand of coffee, but we know what we don’t like. When we are out and about we drink Monte coffee as made by the lovely Emily at the Roxburgh.
But recently, our favourite for home is Mahalia, tendered and roasted from Robe in South Australia, just a stroll from here along the Limestone Coast. Several holidays in Robe confirmed out love of the coffee, European Dark Blend No 4. Even the kids like visiting the roasting house and observing how it is all done. Mahalia…try some!

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