Vintage Clothes

There are days when if I stop and think – I am wearing an outfit completely recycled. I am not sure where I got this almost ‘hunter and gatherer’ mindset and drive that comes from visiting opportunity and thrift shops. “Do you really need it?” I hear my mother say…in my head. Often, strictly speaking no. But if you know anything about thrifting you will know that if you leave a great find it will be gone tomorrow!
 Bettina Liano

I have managed to find several fun items this holiday season. A fine merino knit by Gorman, a great pair of Bettina Liano jeans, a leather belt with great vintage buckle, an Australian young designer handbag and a cow hide. I know, I know the latter is crazy. But it looks great on the polished boards. Thankfully I had my boy with me and he hugged this roll of hide all the way to the counter. It is in need of a bit of TLC. The old lady at the counter thought it was a dead body. It is a dead body – a dead cow.
Have you had any great finds lately?

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