A friend posted an interesting film observation on Facebook recently. DId you know that you never, ever see people cleaning up after a sick child has vomited?  Films depict the heave ho, with sound effects and all. But when do you see the poor parents or other responsible adults clean, scrub and sanitize the floor, the clothing and bed linen?
I would love to see this. We have had a child unwell this week. A strange bug. Loads of “bomit” as she calls it. All at inopportune times. All in unexpected places. This is an oversight in the parenting manual. How do you do a successful vomit clean up? And while I am at it, how do you remove a banana smoothie stain from your carpet?
Most of us are fascinated by family life. Do you watch Parenthood? I haven’t seen this newish TV series but friends find it strangely addictive. Is it life mirrored back at us that we find reassuring? More on family life in the next few weeks.

One thought on “Parenthood”

  1. poor susie! ….I don't think there is anyway to clean up vomit, though, unlike generations past, we have washing machines, dryers and paper towels! oh and nice painting!

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