Home Sweet Home

I imagine most of us have driven home from somewhere special or out of the ordinary in the last week. Christmas time seems to draw us together with our family, friends and community. It is not always an easy road to take though – families are fraught with unspoken conflict, lack of forgiveness, misunderstandings, grief and loss. For many people it is a season to reconcile, make a new blended family work, sought out a new family arrangement with parents who have parted ways. It is a hard road home.
For some it is the everyday, bumpy ride home that is ordinary. The hum drum job that is going nowhere, the car full of tired, hungry, cranky kids or the feeling of stress after you have stretched the budget for Christmas gifts and have ignored the mounting bills that must be paid. Home is not always sweet.

One of the joys of where we live now, is that we enjoy coming home. It is good to get away. But it is good to return home. I am thankful for my family. But even more grateful for my Father God – I am a part of His family and life here and now is one big journey coming home.

This is a photo of the road home……..


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