Road Trip with Mumford & Sons

I have had the chance to take a drive with my son lately…and I really enjoyed the selection of music he wanted to share with me from his iPod.

Mumford & Sons, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Bon Jovi, Jay-Z, Bruno Mars, Angus & Julia Stone, Diddy, Lecrae, Green Day….to name the few I remember.

An eclectic mix of music, new and old.

Lovely. He is growing up. I love the fact that we have music in our home. It feeds the minds and souls of all 7 of us, each day.

2 thoughts on “Road Trip with Mumford & Sons”

  1. Mumford & sons has had a few runs at being popular in own house…we bought the CD (old I now). If only there was one song minus an expletive :).
    I am not sure of the exact origin but I do find the lyrics provide much food for thought.

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