Red Red….what is the right RED

I have met a lovely local girl who makes wonderful things with great fabric, including covering gorgeous lampshades. I have two retro floor lamps that are in need a new drum lampshades, so now the BIG decision is to determine what fabric to use. I have so many choices…can you help? I am interested in one with a deep ruby red and the other needs to work with natural linen, leather and wood tone.
These are my red ideas so far. I love the fact that these are local Australian artists who are screen printing and using interesting designs on natural cotton and linen. This new mini project marries my love of fabric, colour, design and my new desire to learn how to screen print. I just might have to explore the possibility of getting to a workshop @harvest textiles in the new year!

Ink and Spindle – Birch Forest in Deep Red on Cream
Florence Broadhurst Japanese Floral from Signature Prints

Pippiejoe – Daisies on 100% cotton

Marguerite on Natural Linen by Thea and Sami

One thought on “Red Red….what is the right RED”

  1. Oooooh! Love those top two fabrics especially! It's all so much down to personal taste and space isn't it?! Why don't you try “auditioning” each fabric by draping it over your lamps for a day at a time and see what feels right when it catches your eye are you walk into the room…?! Good luck!

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