Fabric Sort, Swap, Stash

How much fabric is too much?

In this pre-Christmas season of commercialism and consumerism I am acutely aware of how much I have and how little we need. For the past 10 years I think I have been serious about my fabric stash – I love fabric, the colour, pattern, design and texture. But unfortunately fabric loves space and can quickly fill very nook and cranny of the spare cupboard! I seriously need to cull some of my collection. Some of it is valuable, collections from amazing designers. Other pieces are retro and vintage finds which are almost right but not quiet. So what do I do? Sew and sew to use it up? Sell? Ebay? Fabric Swap?
To my knowledge the fabric swap notion does not operate in my area.

Should I make this a goal for 2012. Design and create quilts around my stash. Sell some quilts and gift others. Just thinking about this one…..What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Fabric Sort, Swap, Stash”

  1. I personally would keep the fabric for moments when i am inspired to make something with them, if not – perhaps a swap, but I would never sell them. Happy crafting.

  2. The past few years my stash has gone to all sorts of projects… 90 bags for a holiday club… pads for women in Africa… dresses for African girls… quilts for orphans in Thailand… school costumes… and probably a dozen things I've forgotten!!! There's always a project that needs fabric… keep an eye out for the ones that are “you” and either sew, sew, sew… or donate! There's my two bob's worth on justifying a stash and being useful at the same time! 🙂 Meanwhile just enjoy re-visiting your stash!

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