I see RED

When I look around our home I see red, everywhere. It is a favourite colour when it comes to decorating. Red Vintage cases, throws, cushions, table runners, flowers, French enamelware….this list is endless. I love red lipstick and jackets and shoes.

So it was no surprise that when we saw these red shoes at the very talented Honor Bradbeer’s exhibition a few years ago, I was taken. I really like the way she uses ink to create and disguise; to bring objects to life and make others hide, masked by the depth of colour.

We are having our home painted right now and it is a process of rebirthing a Victorian dame that has been lost underneath years of grime and bad decoration. We have chosen Aalto Endless for the exterior and the door will be Dulux Red Box. You see as I welcome you to my home I want you to see Red too….

2 thoughts on “I see RED”

  1. This is a gorgeous painting… very fitting in a family full of girls!! I cannot wait to knock on your new red door…and also to talk ideas for “red scissors”!

  2. I love red too, Susan.I like to think there's some red in my house…you might be asking where??I know, lots of olives and mustards, but if you look carefully you will see red with touches of brown, of yellow, of pink…all the “nuances” of these colors.Red frames, red dots on the rugs, flowers, beds in my boys' room.We can't change our door, but I'm sure yours will look fabulous.
    By the way, I LOVE your red leather coat.Stunning!

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