2 weeks ago today

I think it was 2 weeks ago …..that I shut down my Facebook page. Again.

I did enjoy using it to spruik the blog and have people actually read it and leave a comment or two.

But I have to be content to blog and post the odd family snap and not demand an audience.

So now I have no news of those friends in the UK, family in the USA and my own siblings who live around the country. The bonus is that I also don’t have the annoying info of the friends of friends in my local town. But I no longer hear the everyday happenings of a few key people we know doing os mission. And a few whose banter I am fond of….

Did I make a bad choice? Do you love Facebook? Hate it? Are you a slave to it?

I am rethinking all this technology stuff. And love this promo for Tim Challies new book. It is very funny. And very poignant.

2 thoughts on “2 weeks ago today”

  1. We always enjoyed your status updates!

    If you are getting too much info or silly updates from a particular source you can always 'hide' them by clicking the x next to their posting, and so filter the info you are getting.

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