Glass half full …. glass half empty

The strange thing that besets our clan in the morning is the mystery of the half glass of orange juice.
We have juice for breakfast and we don’t indulge at any other time of the day, so thankfully I am not budgeting for cases of juice each week. But it amazes me and frustrates me too that at the end of breakfast I find all of these half glasses of juice on the table, bench and sink.

Should I toss it all?
Decant them into one glass and save it for later?
Provide the kids with less to start with?

It is all about waste isn’t it. Being goods stewards of what we have and being wise about how much we need. Do I need juice in the morning? No, but I like it.

So what should a mother do…. measure and monitor juice consumption or boycott it completely?
I need your help with this one.

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