Countdown to Good Food

Do you ever hit a wall when it comes to cooking for the family? I know what I would love to eat, but there are 7 mouths to feed in my home and often there is a visitor or two as well, so food needs to be simple, fresh, fast, affordable and fabulous. Is that too much to ask?

A week tomorrow the term 3 holidays in Oz start. So my personal challenge is to list a great  “can do” recipe each day until the term break. Remember food should be fabulous and fast, but not out of a box or a packet. I would love you to contribute your ideas as well. Maybe there is a prize in it for the best recipe!!

So shall keep you posted.


2 thoughts on “Countdown to Good Food”

  1. Hmmm… I've got some of my good 'lots of people' recipes from you! (We repeated the roasted sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, fetta and cous cous a number of times) You probably know all these ideas already, but here's what we've been doing lately and often have at least a few serves of leftovers…

    * Broccoli and bacon pasta – boil broccoli until half-down, add pasta until cooked. Fry some bacon and garlic, and mix in with a bit of pesto. This has been surprisingly popular in our house!

    * We often do a trio of pastas if people are coming over (the only time we have 7 to feed!) and especially if there are potentially fussy children. But one or two of them are always super-simple like pesto, fetta and cherry tomatoes, or mushrooms and cream (or vodka and caviar – guess whose creation that was!).

    * Homemade pizza is fun and can be fresh and healthy, especially if you can make the dough in the bread maker (any excuse to avoid kneading).

    * Lasagne always goes down well and you can hide lots of yummy vegies – although it is a bit more time consuming.

    * Gratins have been very popular here lately, too. Potato, turnip and spinach are not among Poppy's favourite vegetables at the best of times, but somehow when they're thinly sliced, baked and with cream, they're good enough to have songs made up about how yummy gratin is! We've been having it with nice sausages or other meat on the side. My food processor (for slicing) makes this quick, too, although needs to be done early.

    We're looking forward to seeing (and eating with!?) you all soon. 🙂


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