Oranges and Lemons…

I am sure I remember reading somewhere that this ditty “oranges and lemons…” was about the plague? It sure feels like the plague here.
Lily was sick last week. And last night Jake and Bella fell ill. This has left me with several questions about the universe:
1. Why do children always vomit at night?
2. Why does the last supper before the vomit always seem to consist of rice?
3. Are you really meant to wash whole beds of linen covered in vomit? (I am sure somewhere on the label it says to bin it.)
4. Isn’t there are warning on all white goods(washing machines included) not to operate in the middle of the night?
5. Why is it that when they are only 5 steps from the bathroom children still manage to aim for the bed when vomitting?
So we are tucked in here at home. It is raining. I have cancelled work for a bit and I am running around washing and making toast and diluted cordial.
Sympathy please.

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