A Good Friday

We set out early this morning to explore the Grampians with some good friends. We ended up heading north and arrived at Buandik on the edge of the Grampians. The hot weather has been replaced with blue skies and a 20 degree day, so it made walking and climbing and exploring with the kids so easy. They had a great time collecting walking sticks and moving fast to the viewing platform of some amazing ancient Aboriginal art. It blows your mind really to think that at the time Christ was born, these works were being made. Apparently the hand prints were made by blowing ground ochre out of your mouth. The colours are stunning and always after a walk upwards, the view is stunning. Each new plant the kids discovered, each new bird or animal all seemed like such a blessing. No hurry, hurry, hurry today. Just good company and God’s creation.

We said that this is one of the reasons why we live where we do….and we must make an effort to enjoy what is out our door. Stay tuned for camping adventures sometime soon.

You can see people and other line markings on this image.

This is the other dad and some of our seven kids between us all.

Jake and friends wave from a climb up the rocks of a waterfall – minus the water.


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