To Runescape or not to Runescape, that is the question?

The last weeks have been dominated by a persistent question from our ten year old.

“Can I play Runescape?”

This is a multiplayer online game that takes you on quests and overland adventures using spells, magic and powers. You can earn gifts, money and in turn you have the opportunity to buy the things you require for your journey. It all seems harmless enough. But…..

  • The game is framed by advertising.
  • You create your own AVATAR.
  • The game has a permanent online chat that is moderated BUT players use their own language to check out potential “HOT GFs.” (Hot girlfriends!)
  • You can turn the chat line off but an aim of the game is to chat and trade.
  • You may not want your child saying prayers to foreign God’s even in a game so that he can win goods and power.
  • It is recommended for teens not tweens ( even though this is the largest market for the game)
  • There is evidence of some players killing for no reason other than to “KILL”. This has been titled playkilling and is not a part of the intended or imagined game.

We have read reviews and had discussions with our child and he in turn has asked friends why they play. The conclusion… well, we would be happy to have your help here. If you know of the game check it out and make a comment.

Some have likened it to Dungeons and Dragons. And I know there are some of you who read this who know what that is all about.

I suspect that there are other more general rules that one must have about screen time and general viewing and playing that informs one’s decision about Runescape.

Some have named it Run Escape. Do I want my child being pursued? Do I want them playing online games period? I found these reviews.

Let me know what you think.

One thought on “To Runescape or not to Runescape, that is the question?”

  1. hey susan, i have played runescape before, personally I would have to say some comments in the chat room can be quiet rude, I no when I have played games I did not really chat much i just did the quests which is just as fun, plus jacob could just have the chat on when he needs to trade?

    I think these games are very addictive and can sometimes put people into a fantasy world! but then it all comes down to how long you play it for and how into it you get!

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