Holiday in Robe, SA

We have had 10 whole days away from work, people, demands, chores, stresses……well we have had each other. And you know what? It has been brilliant to have time together. Oh it is such a simple truth and idea really – the whole notion of a holiday and time together as a family. But this is the first time we have had so long in….I don’t know how long. We had 2 weeks in France in 2003 during our year away and that was not solid R&R but escape and adventure.
Robe is in South Australia on the Limestone Coast. Beautiful coast, surrounded by wineries…and plenty to keep us all occupied. We hired a house from this wonderful group We had a shack this time but it was moments from the beach and when you are trying to get 6 of us there and back quickly being close is really, really important. But due to the enormous amounts of sand and sunscreen I did not take the camera very often, so we have not captured much of the trip for you. But here goes….a few snaps of some fun times – here and home.

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