More photos of the wedding….

This was a very special day for Andrew and Hayley. You will notice that Mum is absent from the family shot. She has been very ill for the last week after returning from Malaysia – we suspect it is Dengy fever.

We hope she gets well soon.

Christmas Challenge

This is such a busy time of the year. I always feel inclined to boycott the crazy Christmas hurrah! We have end of year concerts, break up parties, work dos, drinks with friends and on top of that Chrstimas services at church , a family wedding, more work, dentist appointments for all the children (nb: don’t book dental check ups in December again!) and Jakob’s birthday party.

I guess we are trying to have fun with it all and go with the flow of the busyness.

I have to shop, clean, tidy and prepare food for 20 tonight for a work function that happens to be here….Andrew has the afternoon to help mow the grass and spruce up the place. But hey, this is us at home this week enjoying being together. Jakob and Maddy cooked dinner – penne with cheese sauce and bacon, Bella wrote out dozens of Christmas cards for her school friends and Lily sat at the dining room table drawing. Hhmm. It is all good.