Post Xmas Mortem

We have survived another Christmas period…..a wonderful day of celebration for those of us of the Christian faith, but wow, what an excuse for the secular world to go ga ga! Another frenzy of excess spending, parties, people and exhaustion…..mixed with a few wines and rich, heavy Christmas food.

But we are all feeling good today. Jake and Andrew had a ride/run first thing this morning, then we all headed for the pool. Maddy did 30 laps and is feeling very virtuous.

We are eating leftovers (cold ham is a favourite of mine….) and discovering how good Summer Berry pudding is the next day too.

The kids got loads of pressies – some cool gadgets, books and clothes. So thanks to you all for spoiling them with your love and generosity. I am coming up to speed today with who gave each child what. A Big thank you for those who send gifts from OS. I haven’t even managed Xmas cards this year… e-letter is planned over the next few days.

We hope you had a great day. We only had 13 mouths to feed for Xmas. How many did you have?

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