Countdown to Election

It is late and Andrew and I are up, waiting for some friends to arrive. They are travelling with 3 young children so I do hope they make it unfrazzled.

Just been watching Lateline and caught a wrap up of what has been happening in Fran Kelly territory. People make bad choices – it is always interesting seeing people own up to them, or not.

Last Monday night we had a large turn out for our monthly women’s event. All year we have been meeting to discuss contemporary issues from a Christian perspective. A wonderful woman shared a paper on “Cherishing Children”. See for some stimulating reading. Alternatively, you might like to check out my brother’s online community –

Much has been happening. The kids started talking about “who they like and who likes them” as we ate dinner. It is funny really. A admits to marrying 2 girls in grade four – not sure this is good modelling for Jake!

Although I have had 6 mouths to feed for more than 20 months now, about 6 weeks ago it became official…..Lily gave up her bedtime breastfeed. A sad time in some ways – the end of a huge decade long chapter in my life. But an exciting one as I turn the page and await the new year of paid work and family juggle.


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