Food at my table….

I have been very distracted recently and have not made time to blog. And you may have noticed that when I do, I have posted iamges which are fun and easy and probably what you all prefer to see anyway!

I have just finished catering for A’s work lunch….this time a warm chicken salad with sour dough rolls andChocolate and mixed berry brownies. Somehow I managed to have a tuna salad and give away the yummy lunch!

At the end of last month I ran the cake stall at the kid’s school and it was a frenzy of activity. The mini lumberjack cakes above where some of the booty I made for the day. After spending 5 hours wrapping and pricing cakes and cookies I am over the yo yo thing!

Jakob’s latest food find is burritos – he can cook the entire meal by himself and recently relented to me adding things “not in the recipe”. It tasted great. Over the last few years he has been working towards cooking a family meal for us all, by the time he is ten years old. He loves cooking and enjoys doing it with A and will often flick through my Delicious mags.

A and J cooked this awesome although challening terrine, a la Shannon Bennett from Vue de Monde. It contained sausage, chorizo, black pudding, herbs, eggs, bacon. We had it for lunch although I think it was intended to be a breaky feast! I needed the bread and gerkins to “go” with the meaty terrine!

We are back encouraging M to eat her vegies which is a challenge. But the food processor is a god send for that. Basically our food tends to be the same sort a stuff: curry, stir fry, casserole, pasta, fish, roasts, chinese, noodles, nori, soups, salads, frittata. I have vowed to eat more vegies and less meat but with the kids in mind mince is easy!

We have had lots of visitors recently and that will continue for the next 2 weeks. The picture of Jake holding his newest cousin Artie was from one of those visits.

And after a very long break I am back making bread most weeks. Might even get some going now…..

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