Curry night

We have just had week three of curry night, a night committed to hanging out with old friends and newly formed acquaintances over a good curry or good food substitute.

Each week has seen a new group of people come through our door and we have had a great time, but I am exhausted. The logistics of feeding our own 6 mouths and then adding up to 8-10 more mid week has been interesting. Between baby sleeps, my study, school runs, after school activities, domestic work etc etc I have to carefully plan the grocery run in order to have time to “cook” the curry.

Last night was a Malaysian style beef curry with spinach and potato, a huge pot of Dahl and tandoori chicken. Bel brought a gorgeous chocolate, walnut and plum torte. So the food was great but I was too exhausted to enjoy it. We even sampled a Best’s pino noir rose – a possible for B&B’s wine bar wine list.

The effort is worth it as we try to connect with the community and become outwards focused.

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