Brunch, pickled onions and school…..

I am drinking the rest of my glass of a Margaret River Cab sav cleanskin which is actually very good. We have had a good day today, in spite of frequent overnight wakes from all three girls. A little ray of sunshine has kept spirits buoyant.

After our 9.30 church service up the road we came home and A immediately embarked upon a flurry of brunch activity. Bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon, scrambled eggs with home grown parsley, mushrooms in balsamic, tomatoes and for seconds banana pancakes with maple syrup. Oh and freshly squeezed pineapple, apple and banana juice – so creamy – and long blacks for the grown ups. We don’t often do brunch so it was special. It has been a good family weekend.

The late afternoon saw us watching the cricket and tackling a mountain of ironing and naming for school – all those uniforms! We both had some of our latest favourite beer from Mildura Brewery. It is a light beer that has a great hop and sweetness to it, somewhat reminiscent of Pete’s wicked ale I remember drinking with K and J in San Francisco years ago. We also had my pickled baby onions – an experiment on my part. Late last year, or was it the year before, A decided he really liked pickled onions – funny really because it was me that was pregnant. Anyway, we found a few jars we really liked. So I decided last week when we were cooking for my Dad’s birthday that I would make my own. It is so simple.

First by a few kilos of small pickling onion.
Second, ask your eldest child to peel them for you – he loved helping in the kitchen.
Make a simple brine and soak the onions overnight.
The next day make a pickling syrup with vinegar, balsamic, sugar, spices and so on.
Drain onions, rinse and dry and pack into sterilised jars and add hot pickling syrup.
Leave them for a week or so and woahla!

I can see that we will be making them all year.

I finally got around to making a new sourdough starter too this weekend in readiness for school lunches. The kids and I had a long post dinner conversation about good, healthy food for school. J admitted that a lot of his friends did not like the look of his food – nori, fried rice and the more unusual delicacies but he seems fine about it all. His love of good food is strong.

So I will keep go posted about the new year’s lunches and I must share with you my recipe for chilli jam – yum!

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