Beautiful Bella is 5

Our Isabella has turned 5 today and neither A nor I can quite believe where the time has gone. She has lived in Melbourne, London and now here in the country in those short 5 years. Wow!

I have just survived the party . Other like minded 5 and 6 year olds came to a disco party complete with disco ball, disco doll cookies we made as party presents and all 73 groovin tunes we have courtesy of Bell ( a friend).

I am not sure why I spend so much time planning, preparing, decorating when the party is over in 2 hours and the kids don’t always eat everything. Trying to be practical today I served pasta rather than do the normal range of party food. But some don’t like the pasta sauce, others don’t want cheese and a few refused to eat any. My cake turned out to be a tad frustrating as the first one, yes there was a first and second, was made without any raising agent so I had a solid doughy pancake. The next one was speedy and a little more exciting – a berry ice cream cake with sponge stars for decoration. I turned the remainder of the dud cake into great chocolate truffles.

The kids and I are very proud of our biscuits so I will post some photos for you to see. I am loving my Nigella Lawson cookie cutters!

PS A made a delicious dinner for the two of us last night. Scotch fillet with sweet potato mash, spinach and garlic, grilled courgette and a warm white bean puree. Strong colours and great tastes. I am loving colour right now.


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