Green meat is no go….

I don’t like telling lies. To anyone, let alone my children. But after months, well maybe it is years of serving up “green meat” with pasta and discussing all number of vegies in a great tomato based sauce M has decided it is a no go. I have a fabulously easy and quite delicious vegetable lasagne which is a layered affair based around ricotta, roasted pumpkin or kumara, spinach and a store bought jar of pasta sauce. Tonight M refused to eat it and the realisation that there is in fact not such thing as green meat has marked the end in a parent’s fairytale of good food choices.

I am not all that phased that she had baked beans instead. We have eaten well all weekend – having had two “entertaining” nights this week. Our lives are insanely busy with “A’s” new rooms opening in just over a week. But we desperately wanted to carve out some good time of fellowship and normality and entertain. So we did……


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