Blackboards and chalk…

I have been thinking a lot about the inevitable return to work. I am a teacher, an educator…..and although we don’t use blackboards anymore I really like them. I have a small board at home in the kitchen and it becomes all things to all peoples in our home. Shopping lists, menu ideas, graffiti board, messages and so on. Now that the two oldest kids are loving writing and practicing their hand I often find letters erased or re-written to spell something I had not intended. But what has been good in the last weeks is to discover that I am teaching my family not just about food but about the language of food.

Chilli con carne
Hoi Sin Sauce
Seville Orange

As a lover of language and learning and all things food what could be more satisfying than teaching and inspiring while we prepare food and eat together.


One thought on “Blackboards and chalk…”

  1. Hello gorgeous,

    Talking of food words, while many are a universal language there are some fabulous ones in German- like Pfifferlinge, Kartoffelpuffer,Schweinehaxe. It would be nice for some of them to make it into the English language world (although not necessarily onto the menus!).

    Love K

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