Food for thought….

Life is a bit of a rollercoaster this week with A working day and night for various reasons. In the midst of the busyness I have found myself cooking for others. A family we know is moving and as the packing up is happening I thought a meal would be appreciated. L was indeed glad to accept the offer of me delivering Thursday night’s dinner to them. But not everyone has the same comfort when it comes to accepting food. Food is made with love and is a sign of generosity and community. Amongst our Christian friends it is normal to make food for those in need. When our first child was born we were overwhelmed with people bringing meals to us and we felt so blessed – words failed. But how do you know if a chicken casserole will be wanted or that pot of soup will be used?
I think I have to say – just make it and bake it anyway. Most people eat!? And it is the thought that counts. As we strive to bring Christ into our community and into our everyday I say we should cook for everyone – to say welcome, thanks, take a break and we appreicate you.


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