Making whoopi

Where do the days go! I was all enthusiasm and sparkle when I first started this and now…well I have been kinda busy. Some days it has been the food, I admit. It has not been gourmet cuisine so I have not wanted to blog about the basics.

A few foodie joys in the last week or so though.

We bought a very simple yogurt maker – the type where you add yogurt, powdered milk and water and let it “develop” in a thermos. We are having fun and the kids are all into it. We now have permission to eat a lot of those good bugs every day – every meal in fact.

I made granola style muesli and forgot to add the flour. I think it is better. I used buckwheat and papitas this time too – great colour.

I discovered malt extract too and have been playing with malt flavours and getting excited by the goodies in malt.

The bread making is back in business. I discovered after buying an oven thermometer that yes, my oven is not speaking to me correctly. Would you believe that 150 deg. cel is actually regsitering closer to 220 deg. cel at times! I am relieved that it is not me but the oven having a hissy fit, again.

And…biscotti. I tried to “play” with the basic mix and seriously it is too dry. I love it and feel virtuous eating it as it has no fat. Anyway, there has been much to cook and many mouths to feed. Ciao.


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